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Behind the Music of Judy Reidinger

Judy Reidinger started out in the Peace Corps (1965) with her late husband, Dick, and made nursing her career – but has lived a double life in music! In addition to many years singing and playing (guitar and piano) with choirs, schools, folk festivals, retirement communities, etc., she is a prolific songwriter. Her more than 80 songs started “coming” around 1973 and include over 40 full choral arrangements.


Judy’s songs have been sung by many choirs and others and are in a wide variety of genres and styles - full choral anthems, congregational hymns, service music, and earth songs and other beyond-church music. They range from contemplative to very lively – but always “so singable, meaningful, uplifting, comforting, and sticks in your head!”


Judy lived in Kansas, India, Northern Virginia, China, and the beautiful Virginia Blue Ridge mountains before moving to Atlanta in 2018. Her 2011 Song for Singing Hearts CD comprises earlier versions of her sacred and secular music. Today, Judy is working with composer/director Paul Tate and Studios to produce an anthology of recordings, which can be found on her YouTube channel: Judy Reidinger Music

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Use of Music

Choirs, churches, and other music lovers are welcome to download and use this music, and to copy, share, perform, and develop as desired, with credit given to Judy Reidinger. 
Songs are copyrighted, all rights reserved.

PDFs for most songs are available for both choral versions with accompaniment and standard hymn format.

Use of Music

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